Government Boiler Scheme

We provide grants to help you implement energy saving measures to increase your home's value, warmth and economy. Big savings are available by cutting costs or insuring your boiler against breakdown.

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Who qualifies for a boiler grant?

To qualify for a boiler grant you must own your own property and have bills and benefits in the property name. Someone living in the household must receive one of the benefits listed below:

You could qualify if you claim any of these:
Pension guarantee credit
Income-related employment and support allowance
Income support
Working and child tax credits
Universal credit
Child benefit*
Armed forces independence payment
Attendance allowance
Carer’s allowance
Personal independence payment
War pensioner’s mobility supplement
Industrial injuries disablement benefit

Child benefit

* If you receive Child benefit the household income after tax must be less than shown in the table below.

Child Benefit claim type Income
Single & 1 child £18,500
Single & 2 children £23,000
Single & 3 Children £27,500
Single & 4 Children £32,000
Couple & 1 Child £25,500
Couple & 2 Children £30,000
Couple & 3 Children £34,500
Couple & 4+ Children £39,000

Frequently asked questions

Boiler Claim are a nationwide central heating installers focusing on Government grant schemes working in partnership with Northern Gas Heating.

Depending on your property type and income you may be required to pay a small contribution towards the install. After your property survey has taken place a fully detailed quote will be given to you. 

The funding is in the name ECO; Energy Company Obligation. Meaning funding comes from energy companies such as British Gas, Eon, SSE etc. You do not have to wait or apply for any of the funding we do it all for you; just check if you qualify. 

It is the occupier of a property that is entitled to a grant as they pay the fuel bills.

For the scheme to go ahead you need to have a full installation with all products you have applied for. You cannot claim the money back on an installation you have had recently.

This scheme is mentioned in

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